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Unlock Your Happiness with Five Simple Questions: The Option Method

Auteur(s): Bruce M. Di Marsico
Prijs: €  5,26

Bruce Di Marsico developed and created the Option Method over thirty-six years ago. The Option Method is a self-help tool for happiness; a completely unique and powerful way of questioning beliefs that allows for profound and instantaneous transformation. Unlock Your Happiness With Five Simple Questions – The Option Method is truly a handbook for happiness and is Di Marsico”s most succinct work; taken from writings that he evolved and refined over the thirty years of teaching until his death in 1995. In this book there is something for everyone, those who had the opportunity to know him and especially those who had not. Whether exploring Option with friends or in one”s own Option Method workshops or practice, this book is an invaluable guide. Di Marsico invites us to try out his extraordinary method, clearly explaining the philosophy behind it and how it leads to the Option Method questions. He unravels the mystery of unhappiness revealing how our beliefs affect our emotions; what truly motivates us; how wanting and needing make all the difference to our happiness; how judgments and shoulds sap our spontaneity and short-circuit our joy, creating a fearful, out of control existence. This compact book is simple, inspirational and challenging. Those new to The Option Method and students at all levels of Option study have loved exploring Di Marsico”s ideas and changed their lives by accepting his invitation to question unhappiness in a powerful new way. Previously published under the title “The Principles and Philosophy of The Option Method”

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